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Get free Instagram Followers in a few minutes

The process it’s very easy. Just follow the steps to receive your Followers.
1. Choose a quantity

Choose the quantity of Followers that you want to receive on your Instagram account.

2. Indicate the URL

Introduce your account URL to be processed on the system.

3. Wait few minutes

Just wait few minutes until you start receiving Followers on your profile.

4. Recommend us (optional)

This service is 100% free. We will be happy if you recommend us! 🙂

Common questions and answers

The service is free?

Yes, the service is completely free. No strings attached. No subscriptions. It’s only a 100% free service.

How many time can take the Followers delivery?

Almost all the times, it can take just a few minutes. Sometimes can appear few delays due to the delivery volume. Don’t worry, it will work again ASAP.

Any good reason to get Followers on my profile?

Sure, there a lot of reasons to increase your number of Followers. More Followers means more possibilities to get your posts on the Instagram recommended section, which is more probably that new people is going to know your content.

Is it safe to receive free IG Followers?

Yes, it’s safe and secure. All Followers are coming from users like you. In this case, it’s a free (and good quality) service.

How many Followers will I get?

You will receive approximately the quantity of Followers that you choose. Most of the times you can receive a few extra.

Can my account be on private mode?

In the moment of the delivery, the account should be in public mode to allow our system detect the URL. If the account is in private mode, the delivery will be automatically stopped by the system. After the delivery, you can turn your account again to private mode.

Can I get banned for receiving new Followers?

No, your account is 100% safe. The delivery of Followers it’s just a group of users pressing the follow button on a profile of another user. Don’t worry, we never had any issue with this.

Do I need to provide my account password?

No, we will never require your password. Our system only requires your profile URL and your email, to notify you about the delivery. Anything else is needed.

You will provide Followers only on one profile?

Yes, we will only deliver Followers on the account URL that you indicate.

Can Followers applied only on company profiles?

Our free IG Followers can be applied on all types of accounts. The only important action is to maintain your account in public mode.